Checklist – Applying for a Job

Before sending your application for a job, you can use this checklist to make sure you have included all relevant information.


Have you included (where relevant):

Your contact details, i.e. name, contact number, email address, LinkedIn profile?

A personal statement or career objective i.e. short paragraph about yourself, studies and achievements?

Your education and qualifications?

Your employment, both related and unrelated to your degree? A list of technical and soft skills?

Contact details of your referees (Name, title, company, phone, email)? Any achievements or awards?

Any projects you have done during your studies, internship or independently? Any internship programs?

Any volunteering experiences? Any publications?

Any languages you speak other than English? Any certificates or certifications?

Any conferences you have attended?

Cover letter

Have you:

Addressed it to the right person? Call the company to find out the correct person if it is not listed in the job advertisement

Stated the position you are applying for, where and when the position was advertised? Considered the job advertisement’s requirements and explained in your letter how you meet the criteria?

Have you highlighted your strengths and described the reasons why you are a good fit for the role?

Ensured your cover letter is succinct, concise and within one page? Checked your letter to make sure there are no spelling mistakes?

Don’t forget

  • Checkif the job requires any further documentation to be sent in addition to your resume and cover letter. If there is more, for example your transcripts, or proof of vaccination, make sure you send those with your 
  • Ask your referees if they agree to be your references for the types of roles you are applying for. If theyagree, ask which contact details they prefer you include in your  They will provide you with the best phone number and email address for it.
  • Unlessthe job ad specifically asks for a Word format to be sent, save your resume and cover letter in PDF format before submitting in the job application 
  • Check how the company asks the job application to be submitted. Is it via Do they providean email to send it to? Is it via their website only? Ensure you submit the manner they asked you to.