• Networking is about building and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship on a regular  Effective networking can help you find an internship, find a job or even get a promotion.
  • Opportunities to network are  Friends, family, colleagues, past employers and college alumni associations are good starting points.
  • LinkedIn is the networking site of choice for many professionals, when you ask someone to connect with you, take a few minutes to personalize the request, to show you really care about connecting with 
  • Social media gives you an opportunity to let people know you are looking for a 
  • Include links to your social profiles as part of your contact 
  • Be prepared to talk about yourself when you are asked – your study, what you’ve enjoyed, your career goals, and what you think are your If you are not prepared, you will look like you are not a confident professional.
  • Don’t assume networking in Australia works in the same way as it does in your home  Learn by observation and seek out a mentor who can guide you through some networking situations and give you feedback.
  • When you attend an event where you don’t know anyone, look for others who are also disengaged and  They may be shy or introverted and will often welcome having you take the initiative.
  • Prepare general conversation starters and questions so you don’t have to come up with ideas off the  Learn to do small talk and always be interested in the person you are talking to. Look them in the eye and actively listen to what they are saying. Never interrupt them or complete their sentences.

Elevator Pitch:

  • A good elevator pitch should last no longer than 20 to 30 
  • You have to be able to present yourself in a professional setting and convince the employer that you are the perfect candidate for the 
  • It’s about understanding what will get an employer’s  Use bullet points to record the information you want to include. Then pull it all together into two or three sentences.
  • Tailor your pitch to different audience/ interview situations where
  • Elevator pitch helps to make connections between who you are talking to and what you are offering
  • It can take some time to get your pitch  You’ll likely go through several versions before finding one that is compelling, and that sounds natural in conversation.