Pre-Interview Tips

Prior to attending an interview, you should do the following:

  • Know exactly where you are going, how to get there, how long the commute will be, plan to get to your destination10-15 minutes before the interview  If the location is confusing, don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer for clarification, or to go there the day before to know exactly where it is.
  • Doextensive research beforehand, get familiar with the company’s mission, vision, values, current projects, website, social media, 
  • Familiariseyourself with the person who is interviewing  If you can, look them up online, for instance their LinkedIn profile.
  • Rereadyour cover letter and resume to re-familiarise yourself with the content you chose to share in the application process. Have your resume ready to 
  • Reviewthe advertisement of the job that you have applied 
  • Practicethe common job interview  Apply the STAR technique where relevant:
    • Situation– Describe a situation you were  For example, a colleague was struggling with performance.
    • Task– Tell them what you decided to  For example, I sat down with my colleague to discuss how I could help.
    • Action– Describe what you actually  For example, I gave my colleague examples of how I improved my own performance.
    • Result– Tell them what happened as a result of your  For example, his/her performance improved dramatically.
  • Thinkof questions to ask at the  For instance, about the company culture or their expectations to the person who will work in the position you applied for. This is a great chance to show you are really interested in working there.
  • Doa quick scan of your social media to make sure that any visible social media activities you have are something you wouldn’t mind them 
  • Have the right interview outfit for the You can do a little investigation of your prospective employer so thatwhat you wear can set the tone of the interview and make you look as though you already fit in with the organisation.
  • Preparethe responses to the questions you may be 
  • Rememberthat you are also been interviewed to establish if you are a good fit for the team and if your personality is suitable for the  Make sure you mention their values and mission during your interview and how those resonate with you.
  • Throughoutthe whole interview show that you care: keep eye contact while speaking to your interviewer, use their name if you can and